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Nurturing Adoptions : Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma
Author: Deborah D. Gray

Rating:Link has been Rated stars  Votes: 1522       

Price: RRP: $26.95  Now: $24.57

Adoption has changed dramatically in less than a decade. With higher and higher percentages of children joining their families not as newborns, but from domestic or international foster care or from orphanages abroad, both parents and the professionals with whom they consult need new skills.
From the author of Attaching in Adoption (already a must-have book for both adoptive parents and placement professionals) comes this new tool designed to help placement professionals and therapists whose practices are not focused specifically on adoption and attachment understand how new research on the impact of neglect, abuse, early trauma, and institutionalization on the developing brains of children can guide their practices in new directions. Nurtring Adoption's goal is to help professionals to assist parents in healing their children's and guiding them into strong and healthy relationships and productive adulthood.


2/25/2007...Deborah Gray, once again, addresses the primary issues that parents and professionals confront when they become involved with hurt children. She has something for just about everyone in the adoption world! Her detailed examination of many cogent issues will help anyone whose life is touched by children and adolescents who have lost so much prior to their adoptions and yet have so much to gain in their new families. Reading Gray's work will leave no stone unturned.

Gregory C. Keck ,Ph.D.
Founder/Director of The Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio
Co-author of Adopting the Hurt Child and Parenting the Hurt Child

2/27/2007...Deborah Gray thinks like a child, both imaginatively and yet very concretely. Thatís why Nurturing Adoptions is filled with creative ideas and practical suggestions that bring a fresh approach for traumatized children learning to love and trust in an adoptive family. I started to mark the pages of Nurturing Adoptions that contained especially useful ideas and soon found myself in a blizzard of bookmarks. Too much good stuff!

Mary Ann Curran, M.A.
Director of Social Services
World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP), Washington state

2/27/2007...People sometimes do not understand that attachment work has many facets. Deborah Gray's Nurturing Adoptions helps parents, therapists, and social workers integrate trauma, loss and grief into attachment work. As always she uses clear language, case vignettes, and is able to take complex issues and break them down for easy understanding. This should help all concerned view attachment as a process not an event which ,depending on the family, has many issues that need to be addressed. Thank you Deborah for this contribution.

Regina M. Kupecky LSW
co-author with Gregory C. Keck PhD Adopting the Hurt Child and Parenting the Hurt Child
author of curriculum My Brother, My Sister: Sibling Relations in Adoption and Foster Care
co-oauthor with Arleta James and Gregory C. Keck of curriculum Abroad and Back: Parenting and International Adoption.

About the Author
Deborah Gray, is the founder of Nurturing Attachments. She is a clinical social worker specializing in the areas of attachment, grief, and trauma. She has spent over 15,000 hours in the last 15 years counseling children who were adopted. Her private practice philosophy is one of empowering parents with information and techniques so that their skills and styles are used in meeting the needs of their children. Her passion is to help children and their families to develop close, satisfying relationships.