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Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents
Author: Deborah Gray

Rating:Link has been Rated stars  Votes: 4316       

Price: RRP: $24.95  Now: $17.47

Book Description
Many adopted children come to their families at an older age. Their adoptive parents need help in understanding how prior experiences and changes in caregivers, culture, language, and more can create challenges for children trying to form attachments in their new families. Likewise, slightly older children going through the adoption journey often require substantial support to ensure their emotional well-being along the way, and reassurance that their new parents will love them and respond actively to their needs.

ATTACHING IN ADOPTION provides advice about obtaining a proper diagnosis; building a caring, professional team; using various approaches to parenting and teaching; and finding a therapist who is adequately informed, prepared, and experienced.

(Hardcover, 392 pages, 2002)

From Allison Martin: "Attaching in Adoption is a invaluable resource for adoptive parents, and professionals, who are looking for information on the attachment process in adoptive families."

From Patricia Martinez Dorner: "This book is a must for adoptive parents, adoption professionals and therapists. It stands out because Deborah writes with tremendous empathy and a profound understanding of challenges faced by children who have experienced trauma, attachment and neglect issues."

About the Author
Deborah Gray, is the founder of Nurturing Attachments. She is a clinical social worker specializing in the areas of attachment, grief, and trauma. She has spent over 15,000 hours in the last 15 years counseling children who were adopted. Her private practice philosophy is one of empowering parents with information and techniques so that their skills and styles are used in meeting the needs of their children. Her passion is to help children and their families to develop close, satisfying relationships.

Deborah is a popular presenter due to her practical approaches of promoting attachment, shaping behavior, and working through trauma and grief. She has keynoted national conferences including ATTACh, Joint Council of International Children’s Services, American Association of Adoption Attorneys, Midwest Adoption Conference and Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption. She teaches in the Cascadia Resources/Northwest Adoption Resource and Portland State Post-Graduate Programs in Adoption Counseling and the University of Washington’s Post-Graduate Trauma Certificate program.

In her personal life, Deborah Gray feels linked to adoption through the family in which she grew up. She has also been a therapeutic foster parent. She received her graduate degrees from Syracuse University in 1981. She is a licensed social worker and licensed mental health counselor in the State of Washington.

Deborah Gray is the author of numerous articles and the books published by Perspectives Press, Inc. in 2007 and Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s Parents, published by Perspectives Press,Inc. in 2002.

Contact Deborah at deborahdgray@yahoo.com