Adoption Memory Books  

Baby Memory Books for Adoption

Adoption Memory Books helps capture the memories of your child’s first year. Tapestry has selected this special Baby Memory Book, just for Adoption, to make the perfect Adoption Gift for the Adoptive family.

Looking for an Adoption Gift for new parents? Tapestry has thoughtfully selected these Adoption Memory Books for their Style, the content of the pages, layout, and price. In addition we offer a large selection of Adoption Baby Books or an Adoption Gift Certificate.

Adoption Baby Memory Books and Baby Books make a great Adoption Gift for families that are adopting a baby. The book features special Adoption pages that allow you to describe the unique aspects of an adoption. Examples include:

When we found out... (who we shared with & the first thing we did)
Our Forever Family Tree
Grandparents (photo)
Aunts Uncles & Cousins (photo)
More Relatives (photo)
Treasured Friends (photo)
A Little History - About your Forever Mommy
A Little History - About your Forever Daddy
Getting Ready for your Homecoming
The Story of our Sweet Path to You
Your Room is All Ready! (photo)
Showered with Love (guest and gifts)
Choosing a Name
Welcome Home!
Wonderful You!
A Beautiful Boy! (height, weight, etc)
It's Official! (attach copy of adoption decree)
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Baby Memory BookBaby Memory Book Baby Memory BookBaby Memory Book
Adoption Memory Books Adoption Memory Books

Adoption Memory Books received when the child is a Baby can become a keepsake, a long cherished piece of childhood memorabilia. Many parents share with Tapestry how their older children frequently look at their baby albums. Especially, in adoptions children will appreciate access to this information, as it reinforces their sense of identity, and can serve as a talking point for bonding and communicating.

With its gift box (and protective dust wrapping) to the beautifully designed pages, this Baby Memory Book guides you in capturing important adoption events and baby milestones in your new son or daughter's life. With a combination of printed and blank pages, this Adoption Memory Book makes it easy for you to tell your child's unique story. Tapestry offers both a small or large dot pattern (shown above) , from which to choose.


Quick Facts:

What are Adoption Baby Memory Books ? A baby memory book that is filled with descriptions and symbols  of how your child came to his/her family. A Memory Book of your baby should be started while you are waiting for your baby to arrive. Begin building a story that will be the bridge for your child, connecting their roots and the family that is welcoming them. Preserve these connections in a Baby Book for your child, as part of their story.
What is a Life Book?
A Life Book is a chronological record of the child’s life. A Lifebook that contains pictures and facts, can be used to help an older child come to terms with difficult memories of loss, and ultimately to develop a positive sense of self. Often a child fills in the book. Life Book work is tool that can stir memories, and with guidance help the child reinterpret what they remember.


Adoption Baby Books:


Mother for Choco
Guess How Much I Love You with Toy
Over the Moon An Adoption Tale
Horace Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born


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